Places to visit in Trashiyangtse

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There are several places to visit in Trashiyangtse, a small district in eastern Bhutan. Some of the popular attractions are:

Chorten Kora 

  • This famous stupa located in the heart of Trashiyangtse town and it was built in 1740 by Lama Ngawang Loday and is modeled after the Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal. It is a popular pilgrimage site and people come to circumambulate the stupa and pray for good luck and blessings.

    Chorten Kora is especially famous for its annual festival, which is held during the first lunar month of the Bhutanese calendar (usually in March or April). During the festival, pilgrims from all over Bhutan and neighboring countries come here to offer prayers, circumambulate the stupa, and participate in the traditional dances and music performances.

    Apart from the stupa, visitors can also enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding countryside and the nearby Duksum River. There are also several small shops and stalls around the stupa where visitors can purchase souvenirs and local handicrafts.

Trashiyangtse Dzong 

  • It was built in the mid-17th century and served as the administrative and religious center of the district for many years. The dzong is surrounded by lush greenery and offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys.
    The dzong has several important temples and shrines, including the main temple, which is dedicated to the protective deity Tamdrin (Hayagriva) and the temple of the eight manifestations of Guru Rinpoche. There are also several chortens and prayer wheels on the premises.

    The dzong is also home to the annual Trashiyangtse Tshechu, a colorful festival held during the tenth month of the Bhutanese calendar (usually in November). During the festival, monks perform sacred dances and rituals, and the local people come together to celebrate and offer prayers for good luck and blessings. It is a great opportunity for visitors to experience Bhutanese culture and traditions firsthand.

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